Grand Opening – April 28- 6:00 -9:00pm at Tina Davis Studio!

Come and see Audrey’s work on display at Tina Davis Studio all of April and May!

Audrey Wilcox has always been an artist at heart and has felt the creative spirit as her guide and purpose as long as she can remember. The gorgeous natural beauty of Colorado infuses Audrey’s painting and photography with beautiful color and spirit. Working from her own photographs to paint in oil and acrylics, she brings the glow and grounding of nature to her vibrant canvases.

Audrey Wilcox
Artist Statement:  Mud Pies and Brownies

I learned that being grounded with my surroundings nurtured my artistic expression long before it became the sensation it is today. My sandbox and my joyfully created mud pies opened my senses to the love of creating ‘art’ to share. I graduated to a vintage Brownie camera by the age of 8, and the black and white world blossomed before my viewfinder. And Oh! that trip to the Grand Tetons in my teens was Heaven on Earth! Thankfully Kodak made color film for Brownies!

Fast forward through domestic life, businesses and motherhood, and my long-shuttered photography and stolen moments to paint have again taken root in the natural beauty of Colorado. Working from my own photographs and love of natural beauty, I attempt to bring the glow and grounding I find outdoors to the light on my canvases. For several years now, I have been letting my light shine through my paintings and my hope is to bring vibrant color and movement into my artwork and share that grounding and inspiration with the viewer.

Audrey Wilcox – Artist Bio

Audrey Wilcox has always been an artist at heart and has felt the creative spirit as her guide and purpose as long as she can remember.  Supportive teachers and responsive peers were influential in Audrey’s creative development and art education.  Audrey’s college education is in Art and Mathematics and she is a certified educator in both subjects.

The light shines when Audrey mentions that her best job ever was as a grade school Art teacher.  But as a single mom, she felt the need to use her Math education rather than her Art avocation to support her young family so her dedicated art career was set aside for 25 years of business ownership and an IT career.

A serendipitous move to London in 2005 reignited Audrey’s passion for Art through magnificent opportunities to experience some of the world’s best art in the UK and Europe.  In London, Audrey dusted off the paint set and brushes, and tentatively reawakened her creative spirit.

Audrey’s artwork has since become the central focus of her creative life, and she sees her painting as a meditation and the focus and purpose of her life.  This philosophy is gaining a stronger voice for her and manifests in an interesting variety of subjects and painting styles.

While Audrey’s painting style has been very colorful, she generally has painted representational landscapes and florals.  As Audrey gains trust in her artistic voice, she is allowing her art to flow more freely from her deeply held belief that the beauty in nature is her connection to her inner truth and she instinctively feels a responsibility to share that light with others.

Audrey has a profound sense that art and creativity should be shared, not only in the viewing, but also in the creative process.  Audrey often provides workshops to draw creative spirits together for whimsical and joyful interaction that helps others ignite passion and levity in art and life.  She hopes others join her on the journey to bring more beauty and self-compassion into our homes, our hearts and our connections to others.

Audrey’s main creative focus is painting, but she also enjoys photography, card making, and jewelry.  Audrey’s first public exhibit in Colorado was in June 2016 for the Prospect Artists Association studio tour.  She has since shown her work in outdoor festivals, studio tours and businesses. She is President of the Prospect Artists Association and loves her artistic connections within the artist community of Longmont.